Durable, Scratch Resistant Prints
High Saturation, Vibrant Colors


Beautiful Photographic Prints on Aluminum
“will endure the test of time”

Metal prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing color dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets which are then heat pressed for an ultra hard, scratch resistant surface.  Because the image inks are infused into the metal rather than being applied only to the surface, the archival qualities of this printing process are unparalleled.   These extremely durable archival prints which are waterproof, weatherproof and scratch resistant do not need a glass protective cover…they can be easily cleaned with a good quality glass cleaner.

Because of this revolutionary printing process, your images take on a magical luminescence with highly saturated, bright vibrant colors challenging the appeal of neon signs.  They will impress any and all who view them and are sure to withstand the test of time.  Some may even express the effect as a “WOW” factor.

Available in three different surfaces…High Gloss, Satin or Sheer
Available in custom sizes as large as 43″ x 96″…with mounts and ready to hang

Because of the many options available, special handling is required to guarantee your satisfaction of this new and exciting printing process that is sure to please even the most ardent artist.

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