Frank2Award winning photographer, Frank J Wicker, has chosen Haleakala, particularly its crater, as a focus of his photographic art form.  He regularly spends countless hours in the crater and around its distinctive rim awaiting just the right moments to capture the great beauty of the place he loves.  His quest is to photograph the ever changing nature of his subject.  His palette is the play of light on the distinctive shapes and forms that give the crater its mystic aura.

Enjoy the special beauty of the mountain gleaned from his years of seeking to portray the essence of Haleakala, this unique volcano mountain that captures and expands one’s imagination of what it was like in the beginning of time.

You can enjoy all of Frank’s portfolio on his website at “”, or visit with him at the:

312 Alamaha Street
Kahului, Maui
(808) 877 8700