Antelope Slot Canyons

A long time ago…many millenniums before man first discovered the Colorado Plateau, the forces of nature were aggressively shaping the unique and delicate landscapes of northern Arizona and southern Utah. Composed of easily eroded Navajo sandstone, the resulting hoodoos and canyons that lend themselves as iconic symbols of this desolate country are some of the physical attractions which have allowed this area to become America’s foremost adventure land. But, like the windblown whispers of the native Navajo, these forces of nature have also created a subterranean wonderland…the ANTELOPE SLOT CANYONS.

On the surface, there is not much more than a non descript hole in the ground in this desert landscape…but the Navajo knew what lies below. Down beneath the surface, squeezing through narrow passages, you become one with the surreal underground treasure, illuminated by light beams that create a cathedral of flowing swirls of earthen colors and shapes. The deep, narrow sculpted walls of vibrant pink and red sandstone which symbolize these sensuous slot canyons, are often highlighted by slices of reflected sunlight which lends itself to an aura of mysticism and wonderment. The red and golden hued highlights along with the shapes and texture of the eroded sandstone enhance the photographic experience…as well as a memorable experience to remember.

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